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1:1 pilates

Many clients choose to attend for pilates instruction on a one-to-one basis.  A full…. assessment is made by the instructor, who is also a physiotherapist, and then the client is guided through a programme of exercises and encouraged to work on them at home also.

A personal printout of the exercises is provided, with useful notes and hints to ensure they are performed correctly.

Follow-ups may be frequent or more spaced out, regular, or irregular, depending on the client’s condition, lifestyle and requirements.  Instructor and client work together to achieve the best results.

Some people attend classes and then occasionally see the physiotherapist/pilates instructor for some more individual help with particular problems.

The reformer is used sometimes for clients attending a 1:1 pilates session.

An example of a patient’s exercise printout:

Patients name: Fred Bloggs

Program date: 13/03/2014


Shoulder bridge


Starting position: Rest position. Centre engaged.




Level 1


  • INHALE to prepare
  • EXHALE, gently roll your lower back into mat, scoop your tailbone upwards and continue to peel your spine off the mat, bone by bone until you are resting on your shoulder blades
  • INHALE and hold the shoulder bridge position
  • EXHALE, lower the shoulder bridge by lowering one bone at a time to the mat, beginning with the highest vertebrae of your bridge and finishing with your tailbone to return to neutral position.
    Reps: 10





  • Imagine the spine is a string of pearls and you are lifting this string of pearls off the mat pearl by pearl
  • Your hips should always be higher then your ribcage in the bridge position
  • Keep your collarbones wide and the back of your neck long through out
  • Imagine a harness suspended from the ceiling lifting and supporting the pelvis in the bridge