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yoga arms upFrom January 2016, we have a new yoga teacher. Carolyn Thomas has been teaching yoga in the Forest for several years, and is expanding her practice this year. She is running a class here at Viney Hall on Friday mornings at 9.15 am suitable for beginners and intermediate abilities. Phone for more information.
There are many traditions and styles of yoga and each teacher has their own focus and style.
Carolyn runs a Hathaway Yoga mixed ability class, guiding students to work at their own individual level “listening” to the signals their body gives them. Breath and movement are used separately and together to create a mindful practice. The postures taught are likely to be familiar across many yoga traditions. Simple breathing practices are used which provide tools to help in day to day life in managing stress and difficulty in sleeping.
Each class starts with a few minutes settling then moving on to gentle warm ups working towards postures that move and stretch the body in all directions working towards increased flexibility and improved balance the practice ends with a period of relaxation. Breathing practices will be woven throughout the class. The aim is that students will feel stretched, more supple and calm at the end of each class.

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