**We are sorry to inform you that Mike Coates, who has been with us over 20 years, will be leaving us on 21st August.  He plans to concentrate his work on his clinic in Gloucester.  We thank Mike for his excellent work over the years, and for being a valuable member of the team at Viney Hall.

In the meantime, we are looking for a suitable podiatrist to replace him. We will inform our clients as soon as we know what service we are able to provide.

Thank you for your patience.


There has been a chiropody service at Viney Hall for over 20 years. Many local people enjoy the benefits and convenience of the facilities in this clinic.

Routine chiropody would include toenail cutting, (particularly helpful for those who cannot reach their feet themselves perhaps due to back pain, stiffness or arthritis), treatment of corns, callouses and verrucae and treatment of ingrowing toenails. Biomechanical Assessments may be performed and advice given regarding footwear stretches and strengthening exercises, and the prescription of orthosies.


This specialist clinic is run by Mike Coates, who is a musculoskeletal podiatrist with post-graduate qualifications in lower limb biomechanics. Assessing a patient’s alignment and movement often reveals the true cause of an injury.

An in-depth biomechanical assessment in combination with sophisticated gait analysis is the mainstay of the examination. Factors such as spinal symmetry, leg length, joint function of hip, knee, ankle and foot are carefully analysed in a physical examination

**Biomechanics Clinic at Viney Hall Physiotherapy

This specialist clinic is run by Mike Coates, who is a musculoskeletal podiatrist with post-graduate qualifications in lower limb biomechanics. Gait analysis is undertaken with the patient being filmed by a pair of cameras whilst walking or running on our specialist treadmill.

Sophisticated motion analysis software (Templo) is used, enabling a report to be produced and a DVD of the analysis can be played back on a PC. The clinic uses a Sprintex treadmill. The sealed roller bearing slatted surface eliminates the problems of changes in walking or running style caused by conventional treadmills.

Normal propulsive phase of walking and running is allowed, rather than driving the limbs backwards, as with the heavy belt of other treadmills. The roller bearings also reduce the sideways deviation, enabling visualisation of a more natural gait in runners.

A treatment plan is formulated after the full assessment. This may include footwear guidance, strength and conditioning exercises, or the prescription of orthosies.

Orthosies, or orthotics, are shoe inserts commonly used by podiatrists to correct a poor or abnormal pattern of walking. They are designed to assist the function of the foot by changing the angle of the foot as it makes contact with the ground.

Orthotics can also be used to treat children who have been diagnosed with foot deformities or musculoskeletal problems. These need to be replaced as the child’s feet grow and develop.

Referrals may be made by letter or telephone. Some health insurance policies will cover podiatry consultations, but patients are advised to check with their individual companies.