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Pilates is an excellent form of exercise for ladies at all stages of pregnancy and …………after childbirth. The exercise is gentle and helps prepare for childbirth and caring for the new baby.

Breathing and relaxation are an important preparation for labour.

Good control of the pelvic floor muscles helps the recovery after childbirth.

Postural awareness is helpful in reducing back and neck ache during pregnancy and afterwards whilst feeding and caring for the baby. Exercises help maintain flexibility during the period of changing body-shape and calf exercises help reduce swollen ankles.

Arm and upper body strengthening helps prepare for all the lifting involved in childcare.

We have run antenatal and postnatal classes at Viney Hall Physiotherapy from time to time, but have found it difficult to maintain numbers in the classes.Continuity has been a problem – understandably, due to the nature of having families!

If you have a small group interested in starting a class, please do get in touch and we will see what we can do to accommodate you.

Of course 1:1 sessions are always available, individual advice and the teaching of suitable exercises pre and post natally. Ladies who experience Diastasis recti (also known as abdominal separation – separation of the rectus abdominis muscle into right and left halves) require expert attention straight after giving birth – our physiotherapists are able to help in these cases. It is important to get advice as soon as possible for good results.