Counselling is a new service at Viney Hall. It offers you a safe confidential place to talk about anything that’s troubling you. 

While it’s emphatically not ‘tea and sympathy’, it is often easier to talk to a counsellor than to your family or friends. The counsellor isn’t involved in your situation, accepts the way you are without judgement, and is trained to listen attentively; helping you make the changes you would like to happen.

What’s it all about?

The Counselling service at Viney Hall offers a safe confidential place to talk about what is troubling you. 

As we try to live and grow and adapt to our life’s experiences it is often helpful to be able to talk to a person who is impartial, non-judgemental, and trained in the art of listening attentively, with whom we can explore our feelings, fears, hopes and challenges.

I believe that counselling and psychotherapy are a vital part of rediscovering our soul’s calling and enabling us to feel we can contribute confidently in our changing world. We each know that we are unique individuals, yet frequently it feels that we are ignored or over-ridden in order to fit in with other people’s needs.

How do we find ways to express ourselves, to release our fears, our gloom, to gain insight into our purpose and direction, to heal our wounds, to relate more authentically? My theoretical approach is integrative, through which I combine a soulful perspective with down-to-earth high-quality therapeutic skills.

I usually suggest starting with 6 sessions, after which we review and decide together whether longer-term therapy would be beneficial. Sessions are 50 minutes, once a week.

“One must have chaos in order to give birth to a dancing star!”
– Frederick Nietzsche