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“Use It, or Lose It!”

“Use It, or Lose It!”

Our winner of our October monthly draw from website members is Ian Roberts, who plans to book a free one to one physio session.
Ian has been coming to Viney Hall for the past 2 years, attending for some individual physiotherapy treatment for his back, and a regular weekly Pilates class. “I don’t have the aches and pains I used to have with my back, and the Pilates feeds into my exercises I do at the gym”, Ian told me, and he feels stiffer if he doesn’t come, for instance over the summer holidays.

“Viney Hall has a friendly atmosphere”, Ian continues, “and the physiotherapy treatments compliment the Pilates class when I’ve had injuries”. Ian would like to encourage more men to do Pilates, saying that the perception that Pilates is just for women is out of date. In fact, most of our classes have one or two men in them, and we have several men who attend for 1:1 sessions on the Pilates Reformer machines. We would be happy to arrange a men-only group if required, but it does need a group of men to all want to come at the same time.

Ian is retired, enjoys photography and walking his dog and is also a keen skier. He is very active with the Severn Area Rescue Association (SARA), and needs to keep fit and mobile for this voluntary work with the lifeboats. He attends a Pilates class with his wife, Sue, who points out that men are expected to do “man things” such as DIY about the house, and, as we get older, it is harder to maintain muscle strength. “Use it, or lose it!” say Mr and Mrs Roberts!


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