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Reformer Pilates Classes

Reformer Pilates Classes

There will be a new Pilates on the Reformer beginners class starting on 9th November.  A six week course on Friday mornings at 9.30 for £90.  This will make 8 classes a week on these incredibly versatile pieces of equipment. Come and try (and feel!) for yourself, and see what all the excitement is about!

The machines have a moving carriage and springs and pulleys.  Exercises are performed in lying – front, back or sides – sitting, kneeling, hands and knees, and standing, challenging strength and balance at varying levels.

The evidence for the benefits of resistance training is increasing all the time with recent convincing research .  The Reformers offer controlled resistance in safe positions, and small classes of four enable the instructor to tailor the class to the needs of the individuals and to closely supervise all the exercises.

The system of springs and pulleys is cleverly designed to assist with some movements and to resist others, and the feedback from the machine makes it easy to feel any asymmetries in the body such as weaknesses on one side.

Useful for clients rehabilitating after injury and also those wishing to improve their walking, running or specific sporting abilities, the Reformers at Viney Hall have already helped people rehabilitate from back injury, knee and shoulder injury, neck pain, joint replacements and ligament injuries, as well as improve their running, cycling, tennis and golf.

It is now widely accepted that the best way of reducing the effects of osteoporosis is by weight-bearing and resistance training. The Reformer is perfect for this.

The classes can be slow and controlled, or more dynamic and aerobic. Jump boards may be used, (like trampolining lying down!), again great for osteoporosis, but also useful in rehabilitation of walking, running and jumping.

Of course, individual sessions are best for specific issues, and these can be arranged at any time to suit you, but the classes are lively and fun.  They bring a new dimension to those who have done matwork pilates for some time, as well as provide an alternative for those people who perhaps feel the matwork is a bit boring and prefer a little more challenge.

Do get in touch with us if you would like to organise a taster session, or fancy getting a couple or group of friends together.  We always do our best to accommodate people’s needs.

A one-to-one session with an instructor is essential before booking a class if you have not done any pilates with us before.


“I’m not a lover of exercise, but I love reformers!” —Lyn

“Pilates is fun anyway – but this is more fun!” —Ide

“It has made me stronger, especially my knees.” —Maddy

“I’m more supple”

“It’s the most satisfying thing I have done in recent years” —Rodney

“I feel much stronger”

“I’ve re-shaped – it’s got to be the Reformers that’s done it!” —Jean

“If you want a real stretch, try the Reformer. I’ve never been stretched like this before!”