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First Website Winner!!

First Website Winner!!

Our first  Viney Hall “Website Winner” is Julie Cockle!

We promised a monthly draw for all people registered on the new website, with the prize of a free treatment of your choice. Julie was delighted when she was informed, and has chosen to book a 1:1 Physiotherapy session with Pip for advice about the next stage in her rehabilitation following her unicompartmental knee replacement in May.

Julie, who works at Yorkley Health Centre, first came to Viney Hall 4 years ago for pre-operative advice prior to total hip replacement.  She learned exercises to maintain her joint mobility and to improve her strength before the operation, and returned afterwards for help to make her recovery as smooth as possible.

Julie attends a mat-work Pilates class and also a Pilates Reformer class, and the combination has proved really effective in her rehabilitation.  When asked how Pilates has helped her, Julie replied: “It’s made me much more aware of my joints.  If my back starts to hurt as it used to at work, I know what to do to adjust my posture.  Pilates has really helped my strength.  Both my surgeons were delighted when I told them I was doing Pilates – they are very much in favour!  I think I am making quicker progress than I would have if I didn’t do any Pilates.”

Let’s hope Julie’s progress continues. We like to think her recovery is totally down to our expertise, but it has probably got something to do with having good surgeons too! Julie is a great example of how you can make the most of your body despite severe joint problems. She is back to walking in the woods and cycling, and you should see what she can do on the Reformer!!

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