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Autumn Pilates and Yoga Timetable

2019  Pilates & Yoga Timetable – September-December

After a summer of barbeques and Pimms it’s time to get back into routine and spend a little time on our bodies and minds.  Some people think of their classes at Viney Hall as “Me Time”, focussing on body, breathing and movement.  Others have a goal such as strengthening after an injury, or working towards some sort of challenge – a marathon, mountain challenge, cycling event, or being able to walk for an hour without pain. Some people have had recurrent episodes of back pain for many years, but not any more.  They come to a class to maintain their strength and flexibility. And some people come to a class for the social aspect, meeting people and going for coffee and cake after an hour of exercise.

For whatever reason, it’s time to book now.  We try to provide a variety of classes at times to suit as many as possible.

Bookings for matwork pilates, yoga and reformer pilates may be made from Monday 19th August.  Priority to existing class members until 25th August, and then the classes are open to everyone, first come first served. Please note that, due to the popularity of our classes, it is important to book early in order to reserve your place at a time to suit you.

There is one beginner class on Wednesday evenings at 6.20pm. Our newest teacher, Gill Ball, will be taking this class. A one-to-one session with a physio is required prior to joining a beginner’s class, and also for all new clients.  This is important and very useful to you as individuals as well as enabling the instructors to know you. If you would prefer a day-time beginners class, please let us know and we will endeavour to accommodate you as soon as possible.

Matwork classes will be £91 for a 13-week course, £84 for a 12-week course with half term on week commencing 28th October.

Yoga will be £84 for an 12-week course with no classes on 4th October, 29th November and 6th December.

If you prefer to pay for half a term then the cost will work out at £8 per class. If you do not want to book a course, then individual classes may be booked if there is space available at £10 a class. Phone the day before, or on the day to book a place.

Pilates Reformer courses will be £90 for an 6-week course, £105 for a 7-week course. These classes of four use our wonderful reformer machines with springs and pulleys to add assistance or resistance to your workout.  Great for increasing both strength and flexibility.

Pip regrets that she is not able to continue all her matwork pilates classes, needing to concentrate on more specialist 1:1’s and reformer classes.  We are delighted to have more excellent matwork teachers available, and the physios are here for you if you have any individual issues that need addressing.

Unfortunately, we are still experiencing problems uploading onto our website, so cannot put the timetable up as published.  So apologies if it’s not as clear as it should be. I’ll copy and paste it here and make it as clear as I can.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a ring if you are in any doubt about what class would be suitable for you.

I look forward to the new term with you all!

Visit the Classes section to book online from 20th August, or  phone reception on 516810.

Classes Sept-Dec 2019 Tel:01594 516810
PILATES Advanced        MON       9/09/19    09.30-10.30  13    £91         9/12/19      Sarah Watkins   Half term 28th Oct
PILATES Gentle             MON       9/09/19   10.40-11.40    13    £91         9/12/19      Sarah Watkins   Half term 28th Oct
PILATES Reformer Int MON       9/09/19    09.30-10.20    7   £105        21/10/19    Melanie Eaton
PILATES Reformer Beg MON      9/09/19   10.30-11.20      7   £105        21/10/19    Melanie Eaton
PILATES Intermed        MON       9/09/19   11.45-12.45     13   £91         9/12/19       Melanie Eaton   Half term 28th Oct
PILATES Intermed       MON        9/09/19   17.50-18.50    13   £91         9/12/19       Gill Ball               Half term 28th Oct
PILATES Advanced       MON       9/09/19    19.00-20.00   13   £91        9/12/19       Gill Ball                Half term 28th Oct

PILATES Intermed      TUES       10/09/19   09.30-10.30   13   £91      10/12/19       Kerry Coates       Half term 29th Oct
PILATES Reformer Int TUES     10/09/19   10.00-10.50     6   £90     22/10/19       Pip Deave         (no class 24th September)
PILATES Intermed      TUES       10/09/19   16.40-17.40    13   £91    10/12/19         Gill Ball                Half term 29th Oct
PILATES Reformer Int TUES     10/09/19   17.50-18.40     6   £90    22/10/19        Pip Deave           (no class 24th September)
PILATES Reformer Int TUES    10/09/19    18.50-19.40    6   £90    22/10/19         Pip Deave           (no class 24th September)
PILATES Intermed      TUES      10/09/19   17.50-18.50    13   £91    10/12/19         Jan Hunt               Half term 29th Oct
PILATES Improvers    TUES      10/09/19   19.00-20.00    13   £91   10/12/19         Jan Hunt               Half term 29th Oct

PILATES Intermed     WED        11/09/19   09.30-10.30    13   £91   11/12/19         Melanie Eaton      Half term 30th Oct
PILATES Intermed     WED        11/09/19   17.10-18.10     13   £91   11/12/19         Sarah Watkins       Half term 30th Oct
PILATES Beginners    WED        11/09/19   18.20-19.20    13   £91   11/12/19         Gill Ball                   Half term 30th Oct

PILATES Gentle Int       THURS 12/09/19  09.30-10.30   13   £91   12/12/19         Pip Deave            Half term 31st Oct
PILATES Intermediate  THURS 12/09/19  10.40-11.40   13   £91   12/12/19         Jan Hunt              Half term 31st Oct
PILATES Improvers       THURS 12/09/19  11.50-12.50   13   £91   12/12/19         Jan Hunt              Half term 31st Oct
PILATES Reformer Beg THURS 12/09/19  17.30-18.20   6   £90   24/10/19         Pip Deave      (no class 26th September)
PILATES Reformer Int  THURS 12/09/19  18.30-19.20   6   £90   24/10/19         Pip Deave      (no class 26th September)
PILATES Intermed        THURS 12/09/19  17.50-18.50  12   £84   12/12/19         Rachel Bomford  Half term 24th & 31st Oct
PILATES Int/Adv           THURS 12/09/19  19.00-20.00  12   £84   12/12/19        Rachel Bomford  Half term 24th & 31st Oct

YOGA                               FRI       13/09/19   09.15-10.30   12   £84   20/12/19       Carolyn Thomas  No class 4thOct/29th Nov/6th Dec
PILATES Reformer Int FRI       13/09/19   10.00-10.50    5   £75   25/10/19       Sarah Watkins      No class 27th Sep & 18th Oct
PILATES Intermed       FRI        13/09/19   11.00-12.00   13   £91   13/12/19       Sarah Watkins       Half term 1st Nov,Gill-27/9 & 18/10
PILATES Int/Adv          FRI       13/09/19   18.00-19.00   13   £91   13/12/19       Melanie Eaton       Half term 1st Nov

PILATES Imp/Int        SAT       14/09/19   10.00-11.00    12   £84   14/12/19       Rachel Bomford  Half term26thOct& 2ndNov,Gill30/11